pysclint - A collection of python interfaces to major scientific libraries

Author :       André Gosselin, Institut Maurice-Lamontagne,  Québec, Canada
Maintainer: Enthought Inc.


pysclint is a set of python packages aimed at providing high quality python interfaces  to major scientific libraires like netCDF, HDF, and MPI. The packages are written so as to stay very close to the original libraries structure and intent. They try to encompass and respect as much of the libraries API's as possible, with no attempt at redesigning them, correcting their supposed flaws,  or rewriting their documentation. As for this last point, being able to easily refer to  a library original documentation while using its python interface was always considered an important objective.

At the same time, pysclint  tries to wrap the API's in a natural pythonic paradigm, augmenting it with  an OOP approach whenever appropriate. A major goal was to make a user of the original API (usually in C) feel  at home with the python version, and  conversely not require any previous experience with this API when first learning it through its pysclint interface.

The following interfaces are currently provided.

pycdf Python interface to the Unidata netCDF library.
See the pycdf web page.
pyhdf Python interface to the  NCSA HDF4 library.
See the pyhdf web page.

An interface to the MPI 1.2 standard will be provided in a near future.

The packages making up pysclint were previously hosted at Institut Maurice-Lamontagne (IML). It became more practical to move the project to, which was done in July 2005. We want to thank IML for its previous support.

The author will always be happy to hear from you!

Last update: 2008-08-04